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Emily Waugh

about the artist

Having recently graduated my MA in ceramics at Wolverhampton University, I am a mixed media artist currently working mainly in wheel thrown porcelain with a special love for making teapots and developing glazes! I really started to get into ceramics on the first year of my BA degree, but I have been dabbling since secondary school, along with any other creative media that I could get my hands on. I'm also particularly drawn to wood, textiles and glass, as well as painting and drawing.


I'm fascinated by Japanese culture and media, becoming interested after discovering anime, and I get most of the inspiration for my work from this. My work is based on the tea ceremony and the Zen Buddhist concepts that guide it, using the liquid properties of clay and the marks my fingers leave behind to create pieces full of energy. In 2012 I worked as a potters assistant in Japan for two months in the historical pottery town of Tokoname to learn about Oribe glaze, and my current work has been developed in response to my time there. 


I also do a lot of work in collaboration with Allen Richards at

including glaze research and development as well as wheel thrown and turned vessels and bowls. 


As well as this I am a member of iferica, a new organisation dedicated to research in the ceramic arts, and their website can be seen here as it develops:


Check out my facebook page and blog for updates and behind the scenes photos and news!

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